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our systemsWindow systemsFORIS 801

Heat transfer coefficient  Uf 1,1 W/m2xK
Sound insulation Rw to 46 dB
Air permeability class
to 4
Waterproofness class
to 9A
Wind impact resistance class
to C5
Thickness of glass packets
20-51 mm
Installation depth / number of chambers
85mm / 6


FORIS 801 is a modern system designed for energy-efficient construction. Six-chamber PVC profile system with the installation depth of 85mm, translates into a low coefficient of thermal insulation window profiles, which is 1.1 W/m2xK. The possibility of using glazing packages with a width of 20 - 51 mm allows to fully meet the needs of modern architecture and the latest requirements for thermal insulation of window industry. A classic shape of the profiles gives possibility to do window constructions both in new and old buildings.  FORIS 801 is not just windows. You can also create door constructions with a Uw to 0.82 W/m2xK. The system  also includes a wide range of complementary profiles.

Using FORIS 801 system you are able to obtain the heat transfer coefficient for the window coming to UW = 0,7 W/m2xK.