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Foris 1000 - Farms Windows

FORIS Farms Windows 1000 are widely used in basements, breeding facilities, warehouses, garages, etc. as part Illuminates and ventilation. They come in a version with a tilt sash. The use of original window frame and glass unit with a width of 14mm, ensures adequate thermal insulation. The classic shape of the frame window will fit the windows perfectly in any object. Our windows are standard in white colour, but on request can be made in any outside colour with a wide range of veneers. An important feature of the Farm Window is the lack of steel components (hardware) for at-resistant window is the impact of moisture and chemically aggressive environments (acid - cowshed, piggeries, stable etc.).

Features of system FORIS 1000:

-> 3-chamber window frame with a height of 64mm,
-> 14mm glass unit (4 + 6 +4),
-> Maximum size 1200x1000mm,
-> Lack of steel, resistance to adverse conditions,
-> 2 way adjustable tilt,
-> Large area of glass,
-> EPDM gasket.