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Quality policy

On all the markets where the FORIS windows are offered, we pay particular attention to the issue of conformance with the national regulations. We have all the required certificates and approvals. The production process is controlled at each stage. Not only do we care for delivering good profiles but also for production of a good window made of a good material.
approvals, certificaties

We put a particular emphasis on the conformance of the windows from the FORIS pvc profiles, made at the production plants of our partners, with all the technical requirements. One of the control elements within the framework of the Plant Production Control is the systematic testing of technical parameters of the window joinery produced by the partner companies.

Internal supervising of production in manufacturing plants

The whole production process is covered by the control programme. The quality supervision starts from the acceptance of the raw materials for profile production at the warehouse, through the profile extrusion process at our plant in Bebra, to the production of a finished product, that is, windows or doors at our partners all over Europe. The detailed tests in accordance with the European standards are aimed at ensuring the highest quality of the window joinery and its rightful introduction into the market.